I’ve had a Sleep Study at the Sleep Center of Bucks County- What do I do next?

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This summary is to help provide you with answers to some of the questions you may have about what happens next after your sleep study.

The morning after your study our Technical Director will review your study and if you have severe sleep apnea or another significant sleep disturbance we will contact you immediately to discuss your next steps.

Within  5-7 days after your sleep study one of our sleep medicine physicians will review your entire study, interpret the data and make a diagnosis.  You will be called by our staff member, Chris Thurston, with your results and be told of the physician’s recommendation.  For patients with a positive diagnosis of sleep apnea, the physician generally recommends a second overnight sleep study, called a “CPAP Study”. This is the same type of study you just completed, but you will be fitted with a CPAP mask and connected to a CPAP machine during the study night.  The center will schedule a CPAP sleep study for you or you can make an office visit appointment to discuss your results with one of our sleep physicians or with the physician that initially referred you to the sleep center (your PCP or specialist).

 If you have just completed a “CPAP Study” one of our sleep medicine physicians will review your study data within 5-7 days and order you a CPAP mask and machine for your home use.  Our staff will contact you to discuss which Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company will be sent the order for your mask and machine.  The DME companies typically take about 1-2 weeks to process these orders. They will contact your insurance company and determine your coverage  and ability to receive a mask and machine. After that, they will contact you to schedule a delivery of your new mask and machine.  If you already have CPAP equipment in your home, you should tell us so that any changes in pressure settings or new masks/machines can be sent to your existing DME company.  Any problems or questions about your DME order or CPAP study results should be directed to Chris Thurston at 215-579-2197 or to her email: scbcchris@aol.com.

What to do after you receive your new CPAP machine or mask or have had the pressure or mask adjusted on your existing machine?   

 Adjusting to life with CPAP can be challenging and we are here to help.  If you are having any difficulty with you CPAP machine or mask, we want to hear from you.  Please contact our office immediately with any questions or concerns. You can also contact us at our email address: info@sleepcenterofbuckscounty.com    CPAP Clinic is held every Thursday from 9am-11:30am  and there is a technician available to help you with your equipment. This is a free, no appointment necessary service, so just drop in with your machine and mask!  If Thursdays are not good for you, you can call the office to schedule an appointment to meet with our Technical Director.  Early in CPAP therapy you may experience some difficulty getting used to the mask or the equipment which can be overcome, just come in and we can help you!

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